A key Robertsons value is “Loyalty - we support and protect your brand and reputation. We are trusted to do the right thing” and as such we are committed to supporting all our clients’ ESG programmes. Our objective is to provide a seamless transition where possible between what our clients do, and what we do to both support their journey and maintain our own business effectiveness.

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Our culture is one of innovation and as a family-owned business our development has always centred on lean approaches in terms of time, resources, cost, and resultant effect.

We have assessed current practices within our control and are streamlining all activities for minimal carbon emissions.

The following are within our control and all new business activities and processes are checked against our 5-point plan -
Is the new activity / process aligned with our internal ESG policies around.

This plan ensures we are constantly looking to improve.

Our greatest ongoing potential opportunity to reduce our Environmental impact is around the CO2 emissions from our company vehicles. Through 2022 we are tracking our carbon emission position monthly. We are working with a consultant so we can assess realistic SBT targets, and will reflect at year end if, and where we can make reductions in the future.


We engage staff with a short Elearning course to all staff increasing awareness of the issue and our strategy. We have a chosen charity that receives our full support. We operate many policies around safety and wellbeing of staff and society, for example Modern Slavery, Diversity and Equal Opportunities.


We deliver training in Data Protection, Anti-Bribery and Corruption, and our Code of Ethics. We operate many policies to ensure good governance standards, for example Whistleblowing, IT Security, and Money Laundering.

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