Pre-employment Screening

The recruitment of new employees can pose a significant risk to your company, and this can manifest in many ways: jeopardising your company’s reputation, restricting the effectiveness of a particular role, or even posing a threat to the safety of your staff in the most extreme cases.

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43% of employers said that they had found information online that helped them decide not to hire a particular candidate

19% of hiring managers said that they found reasons to hire a candidate based

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  • 50% of hiring managers found inappropriate content about their candidate online
  • 33% found that their candidate had badmouthed their previous employers
  • 30% found evidence suggesting that their candidate had poor written communication
  • 28% found that candidates had made discriminatory comments online
  • 24% found that their candidate had misrepresented their qualifications

Screening Solutions

Professional pre-employment screening checks on candidates help to mitigate these risks by providing you with greater clarity and confidence in your hiring decisions.

Robertsons have developed a selection of unique, comprehensive and highly-effective screening solutions that use a combination of open-source searching and direct enquiries to validate a candidate’s identity, their academic and professional qualifications, their provided employment history and uncover any criminal convictions, as well as generally assessing their online conduct.

This will not only allow you to gauge the transparency of a potential employee but also to measure their professional prowess, gain a rounded insight in to their character and assess how readily they will engage with company culture.

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