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Insurance Fraud Investigation

Robertsons recognises the fluid and adaptable nature of organised fraud activity. With our innovation and results driven approach we formulate tailored investigation strategies to suit the requirements of each new instruction we receive.

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At Robertsons, we do not take organised fraud lightly. We have a dedicated team of experienced case managers all trained or training towards their ACFS accreditation.

Complex Motor Fraud Investigations

Whether it be an induced road traffic incident, or a contrived collision, there is only one way to investigate motor fraud – thoroughly and with integrity.

At Robertsons we have an experienced team of specialist fraud case managers. With an eye for detail and a passion for detecting fraud our case managers will always go the extra mile to ensure the very best result is achieved for our clients.

We recognise that complex fraud is often difficult to investigate and even more of a challenge to repudiate. With that in mind our case managers conduct an intelligence led investigation approach, ensuring no stone is left unturned. Our clients are then armed with high quality reports that contain meaningful conclusions and recommendations, allowing them to repudiate or validate a claim with confidence.

Disruption & Discouragement

Some years ago, Robertsons developed and introduced what has proven to be an industry first “Disruption and Discouragement” service, aimed at disrupting organised motor fraud. Adopting and deploying the current SOCA “Early Intervention and Disruption Tactics,” our aim has been to develop an intelligence led approach to investigate and disrupt organised fraud rings, thereby proving a framework for proactive and effective problem solving to serious organised criminals and those who enable organised fraud.

This Intelligence gathering focus has been instrumental in ceasing the activities of accident management companies, and cutting off third party supply chains with the use of similar fact evidence, as well as retrieving confessions from claimants. Robertsons are proud to be behind the closure of several ‘no win’ no fee’ accident management firms, prior to the introduction of referral fee ban in recent years.

We are often commended on the value and effectiveness of this innovative, value added service, which has led to some significant savings for our clients and the industry as a whole.

Robertsons conduct extensive holistic intelligence research across all involved parties and use this as the foundation for more focused, more measured, more targeted and more effective field investigations.

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