We offer a full suite of Motor Investigation services that are constantly reviewed to ensure they meet the changing legal and commercial landscapes.

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Robertsons are renowned as an investigation company who will not compromise on quality. With us, you engage the experience and professionalism of our insurance case managers and trained investigators who are experienced in giving evidence, and thereby able to reliably assess the credibility of a witness.

Indemnity and Liability Investigations

Through a dynamic combination of thorough indemnity and liability statements, detailed locus reports and rigorous assessment, Robertsons are able to dig deeper in to the circumstances surrounding a road traffic accident and advise, as a fair and impartial party, with whom the liability lies.

Insurers need to ensure that each and every issue is fully investigated, to enable them to make a full and informed decision regarding policy and legal liability. By being fully-updated to the necessary legislation, we can ensure that our investigations are correctly directed and that no stone is left unturned.

By getting this right first time, we can prevent your customer from having to revisit a traumatic event over and again. We take great pride in this industry-leading service.


RCOvalidate allows the Claimant to submit evidence using any smart device, this evidence is cross referenced against Counter Fraud databases and internal intelligence before being assessed by one of our experienced, trained, fraud claims handlers.

RCOvalidate offers speedy, very low cost, increased Return on Investment compared to traditional Conversation Management solutions, whilst reducing lifecycle and increasing Customer Satisfaction.

  • Expedites the claims journey for genuine claimants without compromising enquiries.
  • Customers can submit evidence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using any smart device.
  • Every claim cross-referenced against intelligence and managed by a peril expert.
  • Triage, document and evidence collation all in one place.
  • Real time severity and fraud alerts.
  • Agreed valuations.
  • Complete white labelled interactions.
  • Workflows bespoke to client experience and policy terms.
  • Plug and play! We can be live in hours and with no minimum volume terms - ideal for managing surge.

COValidate has been developed to specifically avoid concerns related to remote vocal risk assessment. There are no biometrics; no algorithms and no built-in bias which could adversely affect the vulnerable.

OIC and MOJ Portal Retention

To comply with the MoJ timescales we have designed a cost-effective telephone interview service. It has been specifically designed to support the demands of the MoJ reforms by providing you with an accurate assessment of the risk in a claim and establishing where liability lies.

Our telephone interviews are underpinned by the principles of conversation management, ensuring that we accurately determine the veracity of the insured’s version of events and highlight where any risk or concerns may be found.

Upon receipt of the instruction, we will contact the insured driver on the same day in order to carry out a telephone interview. We will then obtain full details of the accident and surrounding circumstances, we provide clear conclusions on liability, causation and highlight any counter fraud concerns within the relevant timescales along with an OIC Annex A where appropriate.

Robertsons have a 90% contact rate, which in turn vastly improves insurer retention rates.

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