Using a mix of Digital Evidence Collation and Traditional Conversation Management methodology RCOvalidate offers outsourced Claims Management starting at just £49.50 a case.

We keep costs down by allowing the Claimant to submit evidence using any smart device, this evidence is cross referenced against Counter Fraud databases and internal intelligence before being assessed by one of our experienced, trained, fraud claims handlers.

Claims are then recommended for settlement or escalated for Phone Interview, Video Interview or a Field Investigation in accordance with your choice.

RCOvalidate offers an increased Return on Investment compared to traditional Conversation Management solutions whilst reducing lifecycle and increasing Customer Satisfaction.

RCOvalidate Digital Screening

We use our Digital solution RCOvalidate to collate evidence aimed at providing fast validation to genuine claimants, encouraging early walk aways and detecting fraud. The Claimant submits supporting videos, photographs and documentary evidence using any smart device and answers product specific questions set using traditional Conversation Management methodology.

When received this evidence is reviewed by one of our experienced Claims Handlers and cross referenced against internal intelligence and counter fraud databases.

Once scrutinised our Handler will either validate, repudiate or refer the claim for additional investigation.

It is a realistic to expect 70% of all claims will reach conclusion without the need for further investigation.

When validation has not been possible using Digital Screening alone the case will be passed to either our Phone, Video or Field Investigators and Adjusters.

An Exception Matrix is pre agreed with our Clients to ensure visibility and an approach consistent with their brand.

Accredited and annually audited business. Robertson and Co - Investigation and intelligence services