Data Services

Our vision is for all of our Clients to have the ability

Our experts can set up data cleansing, ETL, and data processes, so you have one-stop access to all of the essential data and enjoy accurate & effective business intelligence.

We can support your entire data journey — from capturing to storing to analysing it and laying down a data strategy and outline all the necessary procedures for ensuring data security, privacy and quality.

We harness the power of BI, ML & AI to process data at speed and scale giving you the ability to tap into descriptive and predictive analytics and making sure everyone in your organisation makes data-driven business decisions.

We can evaluate your data to ensure your decision-making more reliable & accurate, we can check whether your data is complete, valid, unique, accurate, consistent and review data flows for accountability & transparency.

Our consulting services can help with the following elements of your programme:

  • BI Consulting
  • Data Discovery & Management
  • Data Analysis
  • Report Automation, Visualisation & Dashboards
  • Business Need Analysis
  • Requirement Need Analysis
  • Technology - Platform; Analytics; Applications
  • Service delivery
  • Support

Robertson and Co experts never take a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to consultancy services,
We deliver targeted insights and can support your "entire data journey"
Working with us gives you access to world-class Data specialists and leading edge data decisioning technology

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