In a digital world the need for fast and accurate decision making has never been more important. With RCOconnect we bridge the gap between Desktop and Field Investigations reducing costs and increasing turnaround time. A compliant opportunity for Omni channel communication at any stage of the Claims lifecycle from FNOL to Case Conferencing.

Video interviewing and Conferencing software enabling the completion and sharing of a recorded, multi participant online interviews across any enabled device. With no requirement for a participant to download a mobile app a telephone enquiry can quickly be turned into a secure video interview by way of an email or SMS link. Camera and Screenshare functionality allows all participants to review evidence or reference material in real time whether it's a going down to street view on map software, comparing images of damage, ID validation or measuring the credibility of a Witness.

RCOconnect overcomes location issues particularly with overseas Witnesses and with the participation of an Interpreter language is no longer a problem.

Interviewers have a fully configurable in interview dashboard to add bookmarks to each stage of the interview for fast review at a later time and to make notes.

A share option means the interviews can be shared with an authorised Third Party with custom redaction of bookmarks, notes and form data.

Key Features:

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