Polygraph Examinations


The polygraph is a commonly-used tool in the USA. The tool is used by government security agencies, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for vetting, and often by police forces as an interrogation tactic. Yet in recent years, the polygraph has grown in popularity throughout the United Kingdom and a small but expanding industry has formed. This has opened-up the realm of investigations to an innovative new capability, and Robertson & Co are proud to present our own unique polygraph examination service.

Science, not Scandal

Although the polygraph test has become notorious through its uses in daytime television and marital dramas, there is rigorous science lying beneath.

The polygraph examination measures changes in an examinee’s physiology (respiratory function, cardiovascular output, pulse and electrodermal response) while answering specific questions relevant to the investigation.

Numerous psychological studies indicate that these physiological functions will change when an examinee is lying. This is subsequently measured by the polygraph equipment, interpreted by the examinee, and we are then able to provide you with an experienced, measured decision as to whether an examinee is being truthful.


Polygraph evidence should never be the focal point of an investigation, but as part of the larger investigative arsenal. Such evidence can indicate the innocence or guilt of the subject of interest, uncover new details or information of use, and help to direct the next steps of an investigation.

It is also an effective deterrent to insurance fraudsters, who will likely not want to take a polygraph for fear of their lies being uncovered. Examinations often elicit confessions because of this.

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