Key Features

  • Claimant & Lifestyle Profiling
  • Trace Capabilities
  • Social Media Geo-Fencing
  • Classified Advert Searching
  • Trends & Correlation Analysis
  • Asset & Financial Analysis
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Reverse Telephone/Email Searching
  • Similar-Fact Evidence Gathering
  • Terrorism Frozen Asset Mining

Intelligence and Lifestyle Profiling

Robertson & Co provide a proactive holistic intelligence solution to support your and place you in the best possible position to protect your business from the effects of fraudulent activity. Searches of our in-house “Synergy” Anti-Fraud Database are combined with over 40 open-source research sources and a number of leading proprietary anti-fraud systems, including Insurance Fraud Bureau datasets, to collate intelligence. This is then analysed, confirmed and disseminated to give you the answers that you need. This process falls to our team of trained and experienced researchers and analysts, who apply a range of analytical techniques compliant with the National Intelligence Model.


Searches of social media activity are arguably the most fruitful areas of the intelligence-gathering process. Robertson & Co are perceptive to digital developments, and the continued evolution of digital solutions consistently provides our researchers with new and innovative ways to get the information that you need.

Just one of these innovations is social media geo-fencing, which locates social media accounts by setting a virtual perimeter around an area and then identifying geotags within this. This is particularly useful for finding Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts when manual searches are proving fruitless, or for identifying potential witnesses that may have posted from the scene of an accident.

Robertson and Co - Investigation and intelligence services