Key Searches

  • Industry Leading Consented Datasets
  • All Open Source Datasets
  • Social Media Channels
  • Geolocation Fencing
  • IFB Counterfraud Intelligence
  • The Surface Web
  • The Deep Web; archived and unindexed websites; forums and chat
  • Dark Net social networking platforms
  • Dark Net searches against unindexed content
  • Dark Net fraud discussion / forum groups
  • Breach Data (hacked or leaked data uploaded to the Dark Net)
  • Robertson and Co "Synergy" Counter Fraud Database


The online world is changing fast, behaviour and search methodology in 2018 is vastly different to that of 2017. We recognise that staying contemporary when conducting Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Social Media Intelligence (SocMint) is the biggest challenge but are confident that it is also our greatest strength.  We believe this is evidenced by our reputation for the delivery of quality intelligence led investigations over the last 20 years and as a leading provider of OSINT/SocMint Training across all sectors.
Ben Owen, Robertson & Co Head of Training is a recognised Intelligence and OSINT/SocMint expert, delivering Training, Key Note Presentations, Media Commentary and featuring in Industry Publications around the globe. Ben ensures that our team of Analysts are fully equipped in the latest techniques, online behavioural trends and compliance standards.

All of our Reports are of an Evidential Standard, we maintain a Full Audit Trail and our Analysts have received training in the art of giving evidence in court should they be required. All evidence is gathered and stored ethically meeting all GDPR compliance standards.

Cybersearch Report Types

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