Basic Hire Rate Report

Robertson & Co’s Basic Hire Rate Reports provides fully independent and impartial BHR evidence accompanied by a CPR compliant witness statement, detailing the exact methodology used to obtain the comparable rates evidence.

Our unbiased and independent BHR evidence mirrors the claimant’s exact circumstances by employing a ‘mystery shopper’ approach, using internet and telephone enquiries to obtain the comparable rates evidence in line with the claimant’s circumstances.

Robertson & Co’s BHR Report begin with a generic Google search within the claimant’s locality and mainstream hire providers are selected from the search results in view of obtaining a quotation for the ABI GTA category of vehicle, provided by the instructing client.

All images of the online quotations are date and time stamped and if telephone enquiries are required to confirm particular aspects of hire quotation, all calls are recorded. All images obtained and call recordings are securely stored to support our findings and for complete transparency.

Key Features:
If fraud is suspected or you have any concerns surrounding the claimants alleged impecuniosity, Robertson& Co also offers a Credit Hire Intelligence Report and Credit Hire Investigation Services. 

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