Key Features

  • Open source intelligence gathering
  • Online test purchasing
  • Physical test purchasing
  • Directed surveillance
  • Undercover investigations
  • Evidence packages suitable for private or criminal prosecutions

Brand Protection - Investigation and Intelligence Services

Our bespoke Brand Protection services combine an array of investigative techniques from data mining intelligence profiling, online and physical test purchasing, covert directed surveillance and approaches made by undercover operatives.

Our aim – to investigate the supply chain and trace it back to those who benefit the most, rather than simply focus on low level sellers and distributors. All the while providing our clients with evidence suitable for private prosecutions or to assist with further law enforcement intervention.

The Counterfeit Market

The production and distribution of counterfeit goods has long been one of the major problems faced by brands and manufacturers across the globe. It can be very damaging to the overall reputation and brand image, particularly when public consumer health is at risk from items such as illicit medicines, alcohol, tobacco or electrical items. It can also have a significant impact upon profits if left unchecked. The global counterfeit market is growing at a breakneck speed, and consequently more companies are seeking ways of combatting the distribution of unlicensed items associated with their brand, and stopping those who sell and produce them at source.

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